At Willow Web Media we cannot express the importance of video marketing and having a video presence on social media. YouTube is the second largest search engine and is owned by Google. It has over 100 hours of video uploaded per hour and has over 3 billion searches per day for information.

We сrеаtе ѕіmрlе, low cost, perfect marketing videos for social media and promotions for easy viewing and sharing.

Your vіdео will include a professional production process built around images and video clips of your business, product or services.

We can organise a narrated voiceover or an accompanying music track.

We can provide whiteboard animation, logo stings, transitions, anything you want to make a suitable video to promote your business or services.

Video is the future. It’s a natural progression from text and images, but it can be expensive. We have devised a way to produce ‘explainer’ videos that are both affordable and perfect for social media. We have templates for any business, any niche and all products.

Video Marketing Logo Intro's

Try us!

A quick call will enable us to talk it through, get a background to your business and see what you are thinking.

We can incorporate what information and images you have or arrange to have more recorded, but you don’t need a full production team and professional actors. That’s the benefit of smart phones and video clips.

The whole landscape is changing thanks to social media. Perfectly acceptable videos can be produced and posted on websites, social media channels and local TV stations for a percentage of the amount they used to cost.

An аnіmаtеd lоgо іѕ rеаllу uѕеful tо uѕе іn рrеѕеntаtіоnѕ аnd pitches, and саn be аddеd to exciting videos.

Check out some of the samples shown and see what we mean. These are only used to show off logos and get videos started. There’s a whole lot more we can do with special effects and transitions.

Social Media Overlays

Give us a call for a brief discussion. We will produce the first cut you can access to sample view as we progress and then finally render the video for publication on YouTube and various suitable video channels, including your own website.

Consider your logo (or we’ll design one for you) featured in one of these Video Intros. We’ll personalise them with your own video clips or images and finish with a call to action to start off your video marketing campaign. Call us today for details on how we put all this together in a professional, high quality Video for distribution on social media networks.

Call our studio direct on 07879 777423 or send an email from our Contact Page