Social Media

Wikipedia describes Social media as computer-mediated technology that allows the creating and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

Social Media is pretty much anything that gets posted to a Social platform providing it is set to allow public access. If this is considered of interest it is read and shared to other friends which might be  referred to as Social Networking. If it’s of super interest or amusing or even cute it may go viral.

Some groups are more specific and only allow posts to be read by selected ‘Friends’ or Members of that Group. 

The most popular sites are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and so forth. When these sites have so many users and attract a tremendous amount of traffic they obviously become interesting to advertisers especially those targeting that specific audience.

Specific B2B prefers other Social Media platforms like Linkedin being purposely designed for business users.

Prevalent growth more recently has been with YouTube with the video clips becoming more popular and video marketing and posts or Vlogging (video blogging) as its known.

YouTube is owned by Google and is one of the most important search engines with over 3 billion searches a month and over 100 hours of video uploaded every hour.

It pays to rank well on YouTube if you have an explainer or product video.

Willow Web Media produces affordable videos without having to rely on recording studios. Live video taken with a Smartphone is usually good enough and has that personal touch when correctly edited and spliced with logo’s and information.

The benefit of advertising on a platform that gets lots of visitors makes commercial sense, but when you consider you can actually refine these conditions and select audiences and geo-location  before your advert goes out, it is particularly beneficial. With the right strategy we can arrange it so that adverts are seen by people that have shown an interest in your products or others similar, and you only pay when someone engages with your advert.

The results are even more resounding. Can you imagine paying for a classified advert in a local newspaper and only having to pay when someone actually visits your website?

The importance of social networking your business is paramount. But, the importance and potential of video marketing has grown exponentially. If you don’t have a video showcasing your services or products you are missing a great growth opportunity.

Here are some interesting statistical figures and forecasts.

  • Video viewers are 75-85% MORE likely to buy a product after watching a relevant video!
  • Viral traffic comes from video.
  • Video posted to social media generates 1200% MORE shares than text & image posts COMBINED!
  • Video quality is critical to branding & authority. Video drives overall growth. Businesses using video increase yearly revenues 49% FASTER than those that don’t!


Videos assume various identities and production costs. You don’t need full production companies and clapper boards these days. Social media is recorded as much on mobile devices as anything else. The secret is producing the video to include your logo, intro, transitions and outro’s making the story viewable. Some Companies can afford a full production with professional lighting and actors, other individuals settle for video blogs (vlogs) taken on their mobile device but just as effective. They take us the same space and get seen by the same people. The ‘proper’ way is what projects your business and gets the message across. We have a complete library of graphics and images and the facility to use images of your own business to make an entertaining video for marketing and social media.

We would be delighted to discuss the benefits of advertising on social media and how we can produce various videos including hand drawn Doodle animation.

Call us on 01707 377 387 or email and we can get some dialogue started and see where it leads.