Videos Show Your Message

More visitors are likely to engage in your business after viewing a video

Video Marketing

Video Marketing highlights your business quicker than any text can!

There’s a lot of stuff posted on social media. This means filtering through un-related posts before getting to something interesting. Its proven that images attract attention before text gets read. The trend is now towards videos that are getting the attention and stopping the thumb swipes. Video Marketing is a more efficient way to highlight your business and gets more attention than text or images.

There are lots of statistics being reported that extoll the virtues of using Video Marketing as a preferred marketing tool. It is all about impact. Videos are easy to watch and a lazy way of getting information, but they are having an effect on marketing businesses. The growth of the video on social media is exponential. You can understand why when you only have seconds to capture the interest of a visitor to your website.  It is generally accepted to have between 3/7 seconds to capture the visitors’ interest so give video marketing some serious thought.

Video Increases Conversions

Video has proven that visitors are drawn to view before they read any text. A video on your homepage or landing page leads to an increase of 800% more conversions. The sales funnel mantra is that visits lead to conversions and conversions lead to sales so we are definitely on the right track.

We produce professionally designed, scripted and animated business videos, with or without accompanying music or a professional voice-over, using your company images and logos from £199.

A professional ‘Explainer’ video give’s an insight into your business and with the right images should be around 30/45 seconds. Anything longer than this runs the risk of lowering the viewer’s retention. Although statistics report up to 80% will view at least 30 seconds; particularly when they tell a story. Videos between 2/3 minutes still enjoy 60% retention but it runs more risk of becoming tedious if the information isn’t compelling. A ‘How to’ video can last for as long as the instruction takes. We can produce all types of videos and can add animation to any Instruction or Explainer videos for more impact.

It Doesn’t Have to be a Full MGM Production

We have several samples you can view. From a simple Company logo intro to a full Explainer Video. We make extensive use of images. You can have a narrative or accompanying music as an audio track.  Nothing is better than seeing your own company and services being discussed in an ‘easy to watch’ animation. We can animate virtually every business with the use of graphics and gifs.

For more information call us or send us an email with an insight into what you’re thinking. We’ll get back to you with a proposal or offer to discuss this further so you get the best deal.

We also design, build and publish Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites that might be something we can include and offer you a package.

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