Mobile Devices Dominate Internet Searches

Is your business still catering for PC's and desktops?

Digital Marketing is a big business; actually it’s a big, dynamic business which is forever changing and making it a challenge to keep up with. Trends rapidly become the latest development and sceptics find themselves having to work to catch up. On top of this, Google throws in a curve ball by changing some algorithms to make it difficult for anyone to gain an unfair advantage, but then some companies find themselves being penalised and relegated in the ranking or bounced off the page entirely.

According to the internet, digital marketing contributes over £84 billion to the UK economy. It is estimated that online or e-commerce will be valued in excess of $23 Trillion by 2018.

More than 65% of internet connection and searches are on mobile devices which businesses must recognise and properly prepare themselves for. Plus, the fact that more purchases are being made over the internet must be incorporated into marketing plans if people are going to use their digital devices in preference to physically visiting retail outlets.

Trends indicate that this is the case and customers are using mobile devices more than PC or Desktop computers. There is evidence of cross device use but most enquiries are being initially made on mobile devices. Therefore it is important businesses are geared up to accommodate mobile enquiries. Mobile users demand a different level of service, expecting everything to appear immediately. If your company details or website do not download in seconds you will lose their interest.

Responsive mobile sites, websites that adapt to present on mobile screens, still take too long to download, usually because of the information and the graphics and the format they are in. Mobile websites are designed to present immediately but mobile apps are continually present whether the customer has access to the internet or not.

Mobile apps also hold a certain amount of prestige with customers. The fact that your business has a mobile app with which they can connect makes them feel connected and more likely to use your business in preference of choices.

To learn more about the asset pages you can choose from in a mobile app to suit your business use this link.